The Nautical Composite

by Space Boy

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Ski i see myself on a ship, open to the sea, hands on a rail in the dark, looking out over the water, up on my toes. or diving. or not. into the unknown. would recommend for similar circumstances, or elsewhere. Favorite track: Split Sail.
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I love the ocean and I made everything again(even the album art because graphic design is my passion) and there still aren't vocals.


released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Space Boy Gainesville, Florida

Obsessed with space.

In love with music.

Also I need money for college.

(I'm an astronomy major at the University of Florida)

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Track Name: Cold Night
when you said we'd be together
why did you have to lie?

just one glimpse of stormy weather,
(and you said goodbye)

cold, and i'm dreaming
awake, there's the ceiling
and i can't help the feeling
i'm tired of asking

how could you?
when you knew that i was waiting?
did you ever care about me?
'cause i really cared for you.

got out of bed and
went down the stairs there's
a letter sitting in the kitchen
i read it

you're gone
and that's that
there's no point in trying to get you back

when I was young i thought love
would be so simple
but then you
just walked away

why'd you say it mattered?
(too late for asking)
but never cared
(too soon to end it)
left me in the downpour
of tears

cold, and i'm freezing
awake, there's no dreaming
and i can't help the feeling
i'm tired of asking

how could you?
when you knew that i was waiting?
will you ever think of me?
and did you ever care at all?

darkness and wind
yes, there's really just no hope inside
can't breathe or think and it's

too cold and too late,
this really is the coldest night

emptiness: lack of stuff
patience, i've had enough
and i'd like some help
with these boxes of memories that
i keep stumbling on

what it was like
what it will never be
why do i care
it's all coming back to me

all i wanted, really wanted
was a chance to make you happy
now you're gone and i can't fathom
how to fill this empty chasm

when you said we'd be together?
why did you let it die?

hope you end up somewhere better

cold, and i'm dreaming
awake, there's the ceiling
and i can't help the feeling
i'm tired of asking

how could you?
when you knew that i was waiting?
never knew how wrong i was until
that very cold night
Track Name: Untimely Sands
see? it's all about familiarity
and what happens when the familiar
is rendered absurd.
is this beach sand or desert sand?

raised by the sea to the desert,
deserted by the sea and razed by the sun.

sand in the shoes, in the bones.
is warm sand the same everywhere?

see a gull, mirage.
hear a wave, mirage.
feel the sun, well that's just the sun.

the colors at sunset
are just from light scattering
but isn't it a little more red in the desert?

the sea turtle becomes the desert tortoise.
the palm trees become cactuses.
the cool breeze becomes the merciful wind.
the sand stays the same.
Track Name: Walking Through the Puddle
Looking in a puddle, you see the sky
What an absolute lie that is.
The water seems crystal clear
But it's in the street

I've overstayed my welcome.
It's time to leave but I can't
"Remember to look both ways" or
take the first step away

The size of the puddle is
always indeterminate
Who knows how deep it is
until they jump in?

Will you have to wade?
Can you clear it?
Will it ruin your shoes?
No. You aren't wearing any.

"Puddle" is such a friendly word.
But a puddle can be insurmountable;
many have died in a puddle.
Will I die in this puddle?
No. I'm wearing too much white.

Don't feel bad for me,
"the poor one in the puddle."
I poured this water here
on my own

Maybe this puddle will dry up
in the next few weeks
or maybe it'll become a lake
or whatever the opposite is.

I saw the clouds in the puddle and eagerly jumped in,
not checking to see if it was a puddle
and the only clouds in here are the
raindrops that used to be a storm.